6.7.1. Introduction

First of all, if you are reading this, welcome to the community and many thanks!

Community contributions is the life-blood of open-source. By contributing:

  • You keep the project alive and vibrant.
  • You will help to solve issues that others may be facing.
  • This will enhance your journey as a developer. Not only will you get a warm fluffy feeling from contributing and seeing your changes going live, you will also learn so much from other contributors and the community.
  • The codebase will always be improving and extending.

All development work and maintenance is performed in the GitLab repository.

The GitHub read-only repository is only a mirror for visibility and composer. Please ensure that all work is done in GitLab. Working on issues

You must be registered as a reporter on ApiOpenStudio to create and work on issue tickets. Contributing to issues

All work should be done on a fork of ApiOpenStudio and the merged to the main repository. Wiki

All wiki text is stored in markdown format in includes/wiki/.

We use bookdown to compile the markdown to html.

Any changes that you want to make to the wiki will be instantly visible on the dev wiki once your merge is complete.

The develop branch wiki is deployed to dev wiki.

Master is deployed to prod wiki. PhpDoc

All merges and commits to the develop and master branches will trigger phpdoc to scan the files and update the phpdoc sites.

Develop branch phpdoc is deployed to dev phpdoc.

Master branch phpdoc is deployed to prod phpdoc.