6.1. Error responses

All errors should be trapped by an exception and return a standard error object, which is translated into the correct output format by ApiOpenStudio.

example (json):

  "error": {
    "id": "example_function_id",
    "code": 7,
    "message": "The application does not exist."

example (xml):

  <message>The application does not exist</message>
  • id is the processor in the resource where the error occurred.
  • code is the error type.
  • message is a human friendly error message.

6.1.1. Error codes

  1. Core error
  2. Processor format error
  3. DB error
  4. Invalid API call
  5. Authorisation error
  6. External error
  7. Invalid processor input
  8. Invalid application
  9. Invalid configuration

6.1.2. HTML status codes

Where possible, HTML status codes will also match the above error codes, which will usually be a 200 (Success) or 400 (Bad Request)