4.4.1. Introduction

This is an optional setup, mainly for developers amd contributors.

The wiki markdown is contained in includes/wiki, and compiled into HTML using bookdown.

This is done on purpose, to maintainers of the code quick and easy access to the wiki if they make any changes.

The wiki is also not tightly coupled to the repositories, but deployed to a standalone server in HTML format.

You can setup a serve of the wiki easily through the docker, however the virtual host settings are additional offered here.

Before you serve the wiki, you will need to compile the wiki. This is donw through bookdown.

Ensure that you have already run composer install.

from the project root, run:

export CSS_BOOTSWATCH=spacelab && export CSS_PRISM=prism && MENU_LOGO=/img/api_open_studio_logo_name_colour.png && php ./vendor/bin/bookdown includes/wiki/bookdown.json

This will compile and place the reault markup in public/wiki.